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We're more health and weight-conscious today than we've ever been. Diet and organic foods are more popular than ever. The classic “food pyramid” has been redesigned to be healthier. New exercise fads appear almost daily while the number of weight loss supplements, meal replacements, and calorie-counting programs keep increasing.

But, if we are exercising more than ever and are better informed about what we eat, why are we continuing to gain weight? 


Nearly 70% of all American adults are now overweight. The percentage of obese U.S. adults has more than doubled 13% in the 1960s to 35% in 2010 – that's more than 1/3 of all U.S. adults! How can we be spending billions of dollars on weight loss and exercise and still be gaining weight?


Fad diets require you to completely change your eating habits, to cut out certain types of food entirely or to only eat certain foods. These diets are strict, unforgiving, and nearly impossible to maintain long-term. Even worse,short term weight loss throws off your body's metabolism, and it can take at least 1 full year for your metabolism get back to its normal, healthy level. 


Would you want to eat only one type of meal every day for months or years? Of course not, that's why meal replacement programs are so difficult. A month or so into these programs most dieters start skipping some of the replacements and eventually just stop the programs altogether and the weight returns.


If you goal is to lose weight and inches safely in a sustained manner.

Then you need to do 2 things...

1. Raise your metabolism without raising your heart rate
Raising your metabolism in a safe and natural way will allow your body to burn calories more efficiently.

2. Lower your appetite
Lowering your appetite allows you to feel full with fewer calories. As your appetite goes down, it gets easier to say no to unhealthy food choices.

Together, this allows your body to burn through its available energy sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and start using up the calories stored in body fat. Max Meta-Switch is specifically designed with this objective in mind, read more to find out how you can take your first steps towards a new you!